About School

Wendyrayna Secondary School is a non for profit organization and was founded in 2015 by Pastor Winston Mdegela who worked in schools for more than 20 years serving in different capacities.  His passion to marginalized children led him to start this school.  His primary focus was to help children with a difficult childhood such as orphans, abused children and those from destitute families that could not even afford a bread of a day.

The school employed a professional counsellor to make sure students of all kind are counselled and feel equal to others and empowered to compete academically.  Further, the school assesses the ability of all students and assist them according to the needs of each other.  To most children, social interaction had created a very big gap thus the Counsellor bridges the gap hence motivate these children to strive more and more to achieve their academic goals.  The school believes that the social aspect of student learning plays a great role in soul healing.  The school focus is not only on academic matters but holistic life skills achievement for which we believe extra curricula activities play an important role.  We motivate students to engage in sports activity, vocal choir, music instruments (in future)

The school is registered by the Government of Tanzania with a capacity of 560 students when in full operation.  At the moment the school has only 82 students with 10 teaching staff and 7 non-teaching staff.  The school has seven classrooms, two laboratories; one for biology and the other Chemistry and Physics.  There are two dormitories one for boys and one for girls.

Wendyrayna enjoys a strong local support from the surrounding communities who take part in school activities such as cleaning and tree planting, and functions such as new students’ welcome and graduation ceremonies. In addition, the school is recognized by the Member of Parliament for Iringa Municipal and the local government authority.

The communities around the school also benefit from petty business and from facilities such as piped water and health related activities such as screening for minor ailments. Wendyrayna values the local contribution involvement and support because it believes that sustained and meaningful change needs to start locally.